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Glimpse of the Curriculum

To bring novel changes in the present education system by shunning away rote-education and bringing forth conceptual learning that would be constructive rather than instructive-type, laying emphasis on tapping the innate talents & inherent aptitude of tiny tots and flame that naturally spark into a bright flame exuding brilliance and setting an example par excellence. To gift Parents 'the pride of tomorrow', empowering them with quality education, entrepreneur & leadership qualities and global competency with true Indian values. To introduce the world to a refreshingly new yet effective educational system that is interactive, interesting, informative and incredibly economical. KPS TODDLERS is an academic institution renowned for its quality education, aims to set a brand new trend and a positive impact in the way primary education is imparted. We, at, KPS TODDLERS adopt contemporary teaching methodologies fostered with Indian values, considering child as the center and making education experiential.

  • All-round development of the child is the main agenda.
  • Curriculum is designed in such a way to develop concentration, confidence, and passion in learning.
  • Adopting play-way method of teaching with a child-centric philosophy.
  • Minimal student-teacher ratio to ensure better personal attention on every child.
  • World-class infrastructure with surplus learning aids & materials.
  • Imbibing a sense of discipline & responsibility in every child through gentle yet firm methodologies.
  • Conducting special visits and tours to develop observation for education and non-experimental research in children.

This academic hub adopts distinctive, child-centric & student-friendly teaching methodologies to facilitate analytical &interactive learning that is imperative in augmenting the child's knowledge horizons on a variety of fronts and elevating their brain spectrum.

ICID (I Can, I Do)

Activities for development of the large muscles of the body-the Gross Motor Skills e.g.: walking, jumping, throwing, hopping, climbing etc.

IKIT (I Know, I Think)

Cognitive development including theme/project
based knowledge, number concepts and pre- number concepts.

ILSRW (I Listen, Speak, Read & Write)

Development of the language domain: New vocabulary, language skills.

ICDW (I Can Do Wonders)

Development of creative and aesthetic skills coming from creative art, craft & allied activities